The 10 Black Friday Deals For Musicians That We’re Most Excited About UPDATED


With so many deals going on over the coming days, it’s easy to lose site of some of the very best offers out there right now.

Here’s a short list to highlight a few of the most exceptional deals we’ve noticed for musicians and producers this weekend in the realms of world-class software effects, synths and bundles. Whatever your budget, there are some real bargains to be had:


Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - iZotope Trash2

1. iZotope Trash 2 + Expansions + FREE DDLY: 70% OFF

21 Nov – December 31, 2016

Not to mention a host of other iZotope offers: Iris 2: 35% OFFOzone 7: 30% OFF, and deals on Music Production Bundle 2, VocalSynth and Neutron.


Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - Waves Platinum Bundle

2. Waves Platinum Bundle: 80% OFF

24 Nov – November 30, 2016

Waves don’t disappoint, with crazy 70-80% savings on each of their major bundles, also including the Gold (30 plugins) and ‘everything’ Mercury (over 140 plugins) bundles.


Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - Softube Volume 1

3. Softube Volume 1 Bundle: 20% OFF

4 Nov – January 9, 2017

Volume 1 bundles together 16 of Softube’s outstanding hardware-modelled plugins, with a focus on providing the tools for particular production and mix tasks. Standouts for us are the TSAR-1 Reverb and the Heartbeat drum machine, both of which utilise Softube’s knowledge and brilliance at building emulations of classic hardware units to create unique new instruments that take a “best of analogue” approach rather than aping specific hardware models. That said, the Summit Audio and Trident A-Range models are awesome too.


Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - Eventide

4. Eventide Effects: up to 75% OFF

21 Nov – December 1, 2016

Including the excellent Blackhole FX-reverb, iconic Quadravox and H910 pitch shifters, and the new Tverb, which recreates the elaborate 3-mic reverb effect used by Tony Visconti when recording David Bowie’s distinctive vocal track on Heroes.

Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - Arturia Synths

5. Arturia: 50% OFF Individual Synths; 20% OFF V Collection 5 Bundle

18 Nov – December 10, 2016

With the release earlier this year of the completely over-hauled V Collection of classic synth emulations, Arturia have made each off their plugins not only the definitive model of the hardware sound-wise, but also made them so much more useable with fully resizable interfaces and a fantastic preset management system that makes pulling up exactly the sound you want ridiculously fast and easy. Our current favourites are the CS-80 V and Jup-8 V.


Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - Superior Drummer 2.0

6. Toontracks Superior Drummer 2.0: 60% OFF

21 Nov – November 30, 2016

We were recently singing the praises of Superior Drummer 2.0 in our 25 Of The Best Drum Plugins In The World round-up, and now you can get it for a best-ever price.


Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - UVI Falcon

7. UVI Falcon: 30% OFF

24 Nov – November 30, 2016

UVI’s Falcon is certainly one of the most modern and fully-featured soft synths right now – calling it just a synth is a bit of an understatement, as it incorporates deep sample manipulation, multiple synthesis types using 15 oscillators(!), extensive effects, and a host of modulation and programming options that mean you could easily create full tracks using a single instance.

Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - Sample Magic

8. Sample Magic: Magic AB & Stacker: 50% OFF

21 Nov – December 1, 2016

Sometimes the best tools are not the flashiest but the most useful, and this is true of these plugins from Sample Magic that will undoubtedly enhance your workflow in terms making some essential tasks – easily comparing your mixes against any of your reference tracks from within your DAW, and layering drums and other sounds respectively – fast and easy.


Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - FAW Circle2

9. Future Audio Workshop Circle2 Synth: 40% OFF

23 Nov – December 1, 2016

Something of a secret weapon of several top and forward-thinking EDM producers for a while, including Arca and Deadmau5. Circle2 is based around being easy to use while also sounding really, really good – recommended for novices and innovators alike.

Plugin Boutique Black Friday Deal - Positive Grid BIAS

10. Positive Grid Guitar Effects: Up To 65% OFF

24 Nov – Novemeber 29, 2016

Including a solid 40% off BIAS AMP Desktop and 20% off the flagship BIAS AMP Professional, some of the very best guitar software available (as we mentioned recently in our 5 Best Guitar Amp Sims round-up).


Update – two more!


11. u-he DIVA Birthday Event: 30% OFF

24 Nov – Novemeber 29, 2016

u-he are known never really to indulge in sales and promotions, so it’s a very pleasant surprise to hear that we can all get 30% off the incredible DIVA until the 29th. If you only had one soft synth, DIVA is the one we would recommend, covering every base from basses to leads, pads and FX with class and proper analogue power and attitude – if you only make one purchase this weekend, make it this one!


620x320-soundtoys 5 black friday sale 2016

12. Soundtoys 5 bundle: 50% OFF, plus FREE Tremolator plugin

24 Nov – Novemeber 30, 2016

The Soundtoys 5 bundle includes many of the best plugins of their type available from any developer, such as the distortion/saturation Decapitator, Echoboy delay, FilterFreak dual analog filter, PhaseMistress analog phaser, Pan-Man auto-panner and Crystallizer pitch-shifter, amongst others. Usually $499, you can upgrade from the currently free Tremolator plugin (a great gift in its own right) to the full bundle for a mere $239 until Nov 30. Highly recommended.



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