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Tips, tricks and walk-throughs for music software, plugins and effects.

Plugins 50 Of The Best Compressor Plugins In The World 2016

Fully updated and expanded for 2016, the ultimate round-up of all the very best compressor plugins, for every budget and every style! Including the best emulations of classic hardware, cutting edge modern designs and the best free compressor plugins.

Tips & Tutorials 10 essential reverb tips

A quick rundown of the most essential reverb tips, from setting pre-delay to using combinations of long and short reverbs to craft professional, 3-dimensional mixes.

Inspiration 14 Great MIDI Controller Solutions for 2014

Our pick of the most inspiring, groundbreaking and intuitive MIDI controllers for every production style and situation, to help you find exactly the right solution for your specific needs and preferred workflows, featuring Maschine, Push, MPC, Lemur, and more.

Plugins Top 14 Best Waves Plugins

A round-up of our favourite processors and effects from the audio plugin giants. Featuring everything from distinctive classic hardware emulations to cutting edge innovations…

Inspiration 17 Music Books That Could Change Your Life

What is the ultimate music producers reading list? I’ve brought together books on recording, mixing, mastering, orchestration, film scoring, sound design, EDM and House music production, Pro producer interviews and tutorials, musician and producer biographies, and academic/philosophical writing on the more abstract aspects of music and its construction.