Korg KP3+ KAOSS Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler


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The Korg KP3 Plus ups the ante. The original KAOSS Pad found favor with electronica producers, DJs, and musicians of all stripes. Artists such as Radiohead and Korn integrated it into their music, and now, with the KP3 Plus, it's easier than ever to integrate touchpad-generated effects morphing and samples into your performance. The KP3 effects combinations that have become a staple of numerous genres have been taken to the cutting-edge with the KP3 Plus. If you want to take your live effects to a new level, check out what the Korg KP3 Plus can do.


  • Use the touchpad to control effects in real time
  • A total of 150 effects ideal for DJ mixing and sound design with 42 new types
  • High-spec sampling functionality
  • Numerous functions to make performances even more expressive
  • Practical functions which are easy to use during live performance or production


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