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Introduction to EQ: We look at how EQ was developed for a number of important audio mixing applications, and clarify each of the different controls, parameters and types of EQ available that help us achieve these goals.

Equalisation Strategies: From using EQ to correct technical problems, to combating ‘frequency masking’ in full mix situations, how to slot additional sounds into busy mixes, and applying EQ creatively to highlight the best elements of each sound… or disguise any deficiencies in your source material.

Advanced EQ Techniques: Making use of the Fletcher-Munson Effect to apply EQ for psychoacoustic impressions of extra loudness, clarity and distance.

Colour-Coded Frequency Range Quick-Reference Chart: Get to know each part of the sonic canvas in detail, from the Sub-Bass Range to the Brilliance Range; learn how to get the best possible mix within each frequency range, and where to cut or boost each major instrument for the most powerful, clear and detailed mixes possible.

21 BONUS EQ Pro Tips: A list of every important EQ technique, tip or trick; every common question answered – ‘Which order should I put EQ and other processors?’ – and details on EQing particular instruments such as drums and vocals.

Ultimate Guides Complete Bundle v2016



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Over 200 pages in total, dedicated to providing you with total mastery of the fundamental principles and techniques of modern music production.

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