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“How can reverb help me create EPIC, LARGER THAN LIFE music?”
“I know how to throw a reverb plugin preset on a sound, but how do I program my reverb to create EXACTLY THE RIGHT SPACE AND TONE for my particular track?”
“How do i use reverb ambience to ADD POWER TO DRUMS and other mix elements?”

I know these are the kind of questions every producer asks themselves as they’re developing their skills, because they are exactly the questions I asked myself when I was learning the fundamentals of reverb.

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  • Become A Sonic Sculptor: learn how to simply select, set up and tweak reverb plugins to suit any mix application with pro confidence.
  • Learn to Craft Spacious and Exciting Mixes: Once you’ve mastered the common controls that apply to every reverb unit and plugin, you’ll have all the skills needed to give your productions the depth and widescreen expansiveness that are hallmarks of the Pro Sound.
  • Whether you’re using free software or top of the range plugins, and making techno or rock, The Ultimate Guide to Reverb brings together the underlying PRINCIPLES that mean you’ll be able to get great results whatever platform, software and styles you’re into.
  • Learn to approach reverb with a clear STRATEGY: Optimize the way you use reverb in your mixes, so you’re not fighting yourself during the mix process.
  • 25 REVERB PRO TIPS: In the final chapter, I’ve rounded up 25 of the most crucial Pro Tips, tricks and techniques – literally covering everything from where and when to apply reverb in the mix, to using reverb in combination with EQ and compression, and how to apply proper amounts of reverb whilst still keep your sounds upfront and powerful in the mix.

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Over 200 pages in total, dedicated to providing you with total mastery of the fundamental principles and techniques of modern music production.

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