The Ultimate Guide to Compression



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Compression demystified: We start with an introduction to the principles behind the process, explaining exactly why compression is useful and how you can use it to enhance your music.

Set up a compressor effectively in 30 seconds: Each parameter covered in detail, and how they work together to create a range of processing effects on your music.

Compression Strategies: From using compression to correct technical problems, to applying it for more creative, ‘character’ effects; From individual instruments to full mix compression, it’s all covered.

Advanced Compression Techniques: Parallel processing and Sidechain compression fully explained.

BONUS Compression Pro Tips: An advanced list of other hard-won nuggets of compression wisdom.

Ultimate Guides Complete Bundle v2016



The Complete Bundle contains all six Ultimate Guides – Compression, EQ, Reverb, Bass, The Mix Checklist and Mastering – in a single download for just $54.99: an instant 30% saving on the individual prices.

Over 200 pages in total, dedicated to providing you with total mastery of the fundamental principles and techniques of modern music production.

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