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24 Common Mixing Problems – And Over 100 Solutions To Overcome Them!

The Ultimate Quick-Reference Manual for Overcoming Any Mix Obstacle You Encounter

“How do I avoid a muddy, boomy mix? Or a harsh, toppy mix?”
“What do I do when my tracks are lacking focus and there seems to be too much going on?”
“How do I prevent my mixes from being too loud, too quiet; too sterile and rigidly programmed, too loose and sloppy?”
“How do I judge the correct amount of mix buss processing to apply?”
“How do I record and mix the perfect vocal track?”

There may not be single magic wands or silver bullets that will solve every mix problem every time, but here we present the next best thing: 24 of the most common and troublesome scrapes that producers invariably find themselves stuck in – and a massive 105 individual tips and techniques with which to combat them! Never again will you stare exasperated at the screen wondering why that percussion pattern just won’t sit comfortably with the main drums, lose the details of your arrangements in a dense wall of noise, or curse the day you ever heard the phrase ‘multi-band processor’.

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“Why Your Mix Sucks, And What To Do About It”

We know how it is. We always start every track or project with the very best intentions and expectations: to keep things organised, to set up proper groups and process everything perfectly as we go; to craft the ultimate balance of delicacy and power, drums and bass, vocals and lead lines.

However, despite this noble aim of creating perfect mixes every time, it’s pretty much impossible to craft great mixes time after time and not ever run into any problems. What’s more, it’s often only once a mix is ‘finished’ that we realise exactly what the problem is, or even that there was a problem to begin with!

Fill The Gaps In Your Current Production Skillset, So You Can Fix Problems Now And Avoid Them In Future

Some problems crop up much more often than others, and many producers have their own unique mixing blindspots – their very own version of mix hell which seems designed to torture them on every production they do.

The main purpose of this Ultimate Guide, then, is to reveal the most common of these recurring mix nightmares — and provide you with suggestions and solutions to help you to both fix them now in your current projects, and avoid them in your future productions.

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